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Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
they have high hopes for this season. john wall was in attendance but he was just watching. out until thanksgiving. emeka okafor wearing number 50. dishing out some advice to kevin seraphin. and randy whitman has his hooks into the guys from the start of the season. the third overall pick. bradley beale. that shooting guard out of florida with the sweet stroke. he is quickly realizing the benefits of his interactions. >> i know i can't could that all the time. and the coach came to me. don't be afraid to ask questions. i asked several questions. i went to kofi. just a learning process. things i have to learn. and i'm always willing to learn. i'm always willing to listen and get better. >> we have to worry about bradley being bradley and a rookie and coming into the situation. seeing how much he can handle. how much he can't handle before you ever get into deciding to thrust somebody further along than they need to be. >> and finally, monday night football was a bear for tony romo against chicago. it really make me sad to have to show these highlights. things started going downhi
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
coaches and teammates that they can hold it down until i get back. >> john wahl, training camp starting tomorrow for the wizards. that is week number two of the cooley report. any other questions you want me to ask chris? >> i'm here. >> i'm just curious to know, you know, he looks at least as comfortable as you do. and he's only been doing this two weeks. what's up with that? >> we're going to have to slow him down a little bit. he's going to have a ron burgundy moment. >> we'll bring goggles later. >>> now we know who's going to host this year's academy awards. >>> just weeks after hosting the season premiere of "saturday night live," seth mcfarland will host the oscars. this will be the first time the creator of "family guy" has hosted a big telecast of any kind. he said it's an overwhelming privilege to host the oscars. it will air in february. >>> one more check on the weather, veronica. and it's going to rain off and on for about the next 24 hours? >> yes. through most of tomorrow, i think we're going to see that rain. we'll be kind of dodging the rain drops. sometimes those drops
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2